Need to Get a Budget for the Wedding

I have started to get pretty nervous about Nell and her mom. They have obviously decided that they want to make our wedding into some sort of extravaganza. It is clear that a girl only wants to get married once and she wants to make it a story book wedding that every one is going to remember, but of course I have to come up with the money to pay for it and still have money left over. They are talking about renting a party bus, if you want you can check us out at their web page. They have all sorts of party buses and of course they have a lot of limousines. I was sort of thinking that we really did not need either, but of course the two of them want to make a big show of it. If it were up to me I think I would save the money that the wedding costs and spend it on something that I would enjoy. The big thing is going to be trying to keep the number of guests down to a manageable number. Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Provide Housekeeping Staff with Quality Cleaning Aids

housekeeping1Believe it or not there are 66 precise steps in the Marriot Hotel’s room cleaning manual. The Marriot chain has transformed the room cleaning process from a random 30 minute whip around to a science.

The manual begins with ‘Always knock three times,’ and proceeds to give very exact step-by-step instructions on everything from how to change the sheets to the precise order housekeeping should clean a nightstand in.

Such spectacular detail for such seemingly menial tasks might seem extreme. But there’s a very good reason for it. Housekeeping can make or break a hotel’s reputation, and without the right skills and tools that reputation won’t last for long. Here are 5 reasons why you should equip your housekeeping staff with a five star cleaning weaponry.

The invisible enemy

Your hotel can be the most magnificent piece of architecture, a boutique wonder or a five star luxury resort. But one thing that makes it all worthless is something your guests can’t and shouldn’t see. Dirt. If it’s not there, they’ll say nothing. If it’s there, look out! The only way to keep dirt at bay

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Tips to Make the Check in Process Smooth at Your Hotel

business-woman-at-the-reception-of-a-hotel-checking-in-2The check-in process at a hotel is usually the first point of contact between guests and management, and will more often than not create a lasting impression.

Hotels should aim to have the process smooth, streamlined and fail-proof, making things as straightforward, expeditious (and welcoming) as possible – both for the sake of customers as well as staff.

HospitalityHub provides 6 tips to help your establishment make this happen.

Hard copy forms for those unexpected electronic meltdowns

We live in an age of computers, smart devices, scanners and the internet. Surely none of these could ever fail on us?

The bad news is they can, and occasionally they will. The good news is your hotel can be prepared in the event of such a catastrophe with a supply of hard copy registration forms ready to go.

If and when your systems go down, you don’t want to be left twiddling your thumbs and trying to come up a excuse for the delay to an ever-growing line of waiting guests.

Map it out

Your guests will always have a multitude of questions about where things are within the hotel, as well as

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How to get your hotel guests to write an online review

reputationSadly, the most effective way to get reviewed is to give your guests a spectacularly awful experience. That’s human nature; we’re far more likely to vent over negatives than wax lyrical over positives.

And while some might say that ‘any publicity is good publicity,’ a vitriolic Facebook rant is bad for business no matter how many shares it gets. So here are a few handy tips to help you get the best publicity possible: a complimentary cyber review.

Give them a good reason

Your quest for dot com-pliments starts with dotting all your I’s internally. Give guests an experience to remember for all the right reasons.

Remember, passive experiences don’t illicit passionate responses. Which doesn’t mean walking all over your guests in an intrusive attempt to impress them. It simply means giving them exactly what it says on the tin, plus a bit more.

Make it professional, but also make it inconspicuously personal, as if they’re the only guests in your hotel. But don’t go overboard, or they will be your only guests.

You are effectively setting out to make your guests emotionally indebted to you for giving them

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6 Fun Team Building Activities Guaranteed to Boost Your Business

Fun Team Building Activities Guaranteed to Boost Your BusinessTeam building activities can bring everyone together. It offers advantages and benefits that nothing else can match. A team will develop bonds, trust, and skills that can further them in the workplace. For a positive experience, however, you do want to make sure that you choose the right activities. You also want to find a professional team building venue, as this can change the effectiveness of such an exercise. Below are 6 fun team building activities that every business should consider.


A mix of football and golf, FootGolf, offers an active and exciting activity that requires teamwork, skill, and patience. The basics are rather simple. You have a course and objective similar to what you get in golf. You have to get the ball across the course and into the hole with as few hits or problems as possible. The difference is that FootGolf uses a football. A normal sized football. The hole at the end of FootGolf is an appropriate size, too.

Experimental Learning

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Benefits To Consider Escorts Agency In Antwerpen

Visit Belgium by yourself it can be very lonesome, furthermore if you have no friend to escort to explore the city. Not to mention, but when it comes to Belgium, you can’t simply ignore Antwerpen as one of the municipality there, the largest one. In addition of the progressive pace of economy in that area, it attracts many people to the city whether business traveler or the regular one. Being alone in that big city it must be very inconvenient, solution? Antwerpen escorts agency where you can find companion for your loneliness, you’ll consider it as a good idea.


Escorts agency provides its clients with non-ordinary company that enhances your time so much when enjoying the city. The non-ordinary company is a girl with stunning appearance any men wish for, that you call as an escort girl. That said,why you need escort girls? The answer is very simply, you dismiss your loneliness. To make you feel that you are not an alien in a foreign environment. Unlike any call girls that you knew, escort girls have its own level. Simply say, escort girls are versatile since they can be anything that you are expecting for.


Even though, you can ask something

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Luxury Vacations at Karma Kandara Resort with Friendly Price

Not only offers accommodation only, Karma Kandara in Bali also has plenty of delicious food and drink that is ready to accompany you during the holidays. Surrounded by a very beautiful coastal scenery and pristine, makes you not want to spend your holiday period. Buildings are supplied resort was also good and beautiful, so it has been popular among domestic and international travelers. A comfortable place, ideal for a family vacation, honeymoon, and other events. karma kandara bali prices is also very suitable in your holiday bag. The price is very on Budget would make anyone want to go back there with plus the natural charm of Bali is so beautiful.

Planning a vacation from far-distant day when the holiday season arrives, of course, has become a must do before you go on vacation with your family or your friends. Not to make a nice holiday into the shadows fall apart just because you do not find your desired lodging or inn turns out it was very disappointing you. You can book spacious villas at the Karma Kandara Resort, Bali Ungasan. All the luxury of going to pamper yourself on vacation on the island of Bali. This inn has many

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Best Escort Girls in France

When you need someone stunning, pretty, attractive and elegant to escort you in France, visiting Escort24h first before hiring someone can be a great idea. Escort24h is certainly famous for its hot and sexy escort girls around the world. By visiting the website, you can find such comprehensive information about any girl or boy you like. They have a great number of escorts which dedicate themselves to provide satisfying and professional service for each client. Escort France will be available through the night or in anytime. They have numerous girls working for 24 hours, so you can call for them service anytime.

Moreover, by visiting the website you will be able to find out comprehensive information about perfect agency you can go or about independent escort service you always dream about. No matter what you looking for are, Escort24h can show you many types of girls from petite to busty, blonde to brunette, local to international. The best thing is they are not only beautiful and good looking, they are certainly intellectual and professional that is ready to give every client the best service ever. Every client will be able to experience the best escort service in France once

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The Benefits of Planning Events in Budget Resorts Around Mumbai

Whether you are planning to hold a seminar or a conference for your workplace or having a family event such as a wedding or something similar that involves a large number of people, when it comes to the prices of accommodation in the city of Mumbai along with the hustle and bustle of the place in general, it is often not only quieter and more peaceful, but also economical to hire a private resort somewhere a bit far from the city where you can get your event going with minimal hassles in the city. Here are a few of the benefits of holding an event in a budget resort near Mumbai Khopoli.

UK's Resort

  1. Peace of Mind

If you plan your event in the city and invite, say, a hundred people to it, chances are that most of them will be living in hotels or rented housing that are a bit far away from the city centre because most people cannot afford to live in the city. Also, given the traffic in trains and on the road, you’ll probably come across quite a few people entering your venue stressed out from the traffic jams and

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